The best bar in Shanghai to watch the Rugby World Cup

1. The Camel

This is going to be your Australian Embassy during the next six weeks.
It’s well positioned right in the midst of the former French Concession for a post-game crawl around the neighborhood.
The Camel shows most sports, especially anything related to the land Down Under, and is guaranteed to be showing every second of the championship (at least until the All Blacks eliminate the Aussies).
But for a sports bar, it’s well lit and comfortable, topped off with great drink deals almost every day (RMB 25 beers during happy hour from 4 p.m.-8 p.m.).

2. O’Malley’s

The walled-off enclosure that separates O’Malley’s is offering up loads of specials during the Rugby World Cup, such as a RMB 350 all-you-can-drink bonanza on the terrace upstairs, which includes snacks.
Although you might expect that this is the venue for Ireland’s supporters, the Kiwis have taken over and are claiming it their home turf away from home.
To our disappointment, they weren’t showing the recent OZ-NZ game, but they’re promising to be blasting every second of the Rugby World Cup weekends from start to finish.
The great thing about O’Malley’s is, with their abundance of outdoor space, you won’t feel like a degenerate for spending your every waking hour there.

3. Big Bamboo

All of Big Bamboo's three locations around the city are top choices for catching any sport that could possibly be shown on television.
They’re always blasting championship matches on one of their many screens and offer up loads of drink deals every day -- and the Rugby World Cup is a guaranteed.
They’re promising seven weekends of full-on rugger action direct from New Zealand. If you arrive a little early, not to worry, there’s plenty other sports going on in the bar including pool, foosball and darts.

4. The Spot

This is your go-to sports bar on Tongren Lu with televisions keyed into the game and a slightly fancier decor than a couple of the other locations mentioned. It’s also prime real estate if you’re traveling with a large group.
The Spot gains points for their breezy patio and well timed (to the Rugby World Cup) all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink deal on Sundays for RMB150.
The menu is as diverse as the teams playing with options, spanning from European to South East Asian cuisine.
Bring your junior rugby fans and they’ll grab free food and drinks if they’re under eight, and 50 percent off for kids between eight and 12 years old.

5. Boxing Cat Brewery

Slightly an odd-ball among the group, being more American brewery than sports bar, the location on 82 Fuxing Xi Lu is a perfect haunt for the Rugby World Cup.
The main and first floors have massive projection displays and great seating inside this old French Concession house, and if things get too heated inside, there’s another projection screen out on the patio.
In addition, they have a great selection of food and beers crafted by their own brewmaster, Michael Jordan.

6. Glo London

Another random interception for the game is this recently opened British bakery/restaurant/lounge. If you’re feeling like your jersey is just a bit too fancy for the regular sports bar crowd, this is your spot.
It will most likely draw the Brit crowd, and they’re slinging their namesake breakfast during the morning games.
The Wulumuqi lounge will also open up their great rooftop terrace to relax when games are on, so you won’t have to suffer a walk of shame at 8 p.m. when your team gets rubbed like a piece of dry aged Argentinian beef.

7. Malone’s

This two level spot has a plethora of televisions so you’ll always have an eye on the game as you tuck into their massive burger menu.
The bar tags itself as an “American Café” but definitely has a sports bar vibe and is almost always guaranteed to be playing some form of sport.
As well as their large projection screen on the second level, they also have an outdoor patio that wraps the main entrance and offers up decent respite after spending too many hours in the dark confines upstairs when they close the curtains for the projection television.

Source: allnews


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