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Five Factors that Make Sex More Passionate
Sexual position is not the only factor that makes sex more passionate. According to the findings of the Trojan's U.S. Sex Census, most preferred the missionary position. But the sex positions are not the only determinant of passionate sex. A number of other factors also determine the sexual satisfaction.


1. GeographyU.S. study finds data, Americans have sex about 120 times a year. The same study states, 63 percent of respondents still want more frequent sex.
However, the fact of geographical factors also affect the frequency of sexual relations in America. If you want more frequent sex, living in the northeast United States more likely. People who live in this region have sex more often, about 130 times a year. They are also more likely to use condoms during sex. While those living in the south have sex less frequently, on average 114 times per year.
2. Healthy RelationshipsCouples who have healthy relationships, keeping commitments, build positive households have more sexual satisfaction. Although the frequency of sex is not too often, but such couples are more satisfied with their sex lives.
3. LocationSex not only must be done in bed. Location can also affect sex couples. According to research in the United States, 48 ​​percent said more passionate sex in the car. While 33 percent said the passionate lovemaking on a bed of others, for example at a friend's house.
The more unusual the location, the higher the sexual arousal. As many as 33 percent of men admitted to imagine having sex on the plane. While 26 percent of women want to make love in a place on the beach or sea.
4. Gender differencesTrojan Findings also mentions, 83 percent of men tend to be more eager to experiment with sex, and only 65 percent of women who want the same thing.
Men like to discuss sex with Facebook or Twitter, about 15 percent. While only six percent of women who want to discuss about sex through social media.
5. SextingExcite chat by phone or send messages through the communication section in fact too powerful arousing. In general, 19 percent of Americans like sexting like this.

Nine Bad Habits in the Upper Beds
The bed should be a good friend for a husband and wife. However, often you are not aware of having done a bad thing that will negatively affect your sex life. Consider the example below.
Speaking about the former. Discard much a story about your ex-girlfriend out of bed. Honesty is a good thing, but this does not mean you have to reveal all things, including about your ex-lover. Your partner would not want to hear stories about your ex-lover, or things you do with him, just as you do not want to see your partner talking about other women. If for some reason you have to talk about your ex-lover, do it elsewhere.
Creating the atmosphere of the bed is too girly. Do not decorate the bedroom with the application of the flowers or lace. Detail is often lethal male sex drive. On the bed, your partner just want to "enjoy the beauty of" You, and not enjoy the atmosphere of a bed filled with flowers or ribbons. Better, use a variety of applications that are neutral or innocent. The feminine side of yourself you do not have to be displayed in the form of knick-knick too girly, right?
Often pretend. Not so spare yourself to pretend to enjoy sex session with your partner. For example, couples flirting with moans or groans, though well-intentioned. But better do not do this trick, because it will mess up your sex life. If you always pretend to enjoy it, then he will think that way that makes you feel satisfied and able to achieve orgasm. As a result, he will continue to perform the same way when making love, even though you actually do not like it. Conversely, if the partner does not satisfy you, give a gentle reprimand to help meet your expectations.
Ignoring the importance of photos. A photo showing the picture you and your partner in a cheerful and happy atmosphere is one of the ornate room that is very precise. However, you should only put your photos and your partner, without children, the elderly, or anybody else. Role as a parent should be left when you are in bed. According to feng shui, romantic photos you and your partner will enhance harmony and positive energy in your domestic life.
Displaying stuffed animals. Puppet Mini Mouse or Winnie the Pooh is good to be friends to sleep. But when you get married, stuffed animals such as this can create a passion so drop. You can still save your favorite teddy bear, but you should not put on the bed. Blank stare of a stuffed animal that lies on the pillow was not romantic for men.
Careless. When alone with your partner, you should feel comfortable. However, that does not mean you can do all things in front of your partner. For example, do not act recklessly by allowing the bathroom door open, shave her legs, or cut the nails on the bed when she is with you. Although this activity is a common practice to everyone, but if done when the she was horny, can-can instantly extinguished his passion.
Set the sparsely furnished. Placement of some of the furniture can transform a simple bedroom into a romantic place. Give a little distance on either side of the bed in order to allow flexibility to move. Do not place a bed under a window or door facing into the room (in feng shui is known as the "coffin position"). Also do not let the water element is in the bedroom, such as flower vases or water mattress. In feng shui, water elements are believed to interfere with the relationship.
Turn on the television. There are many things that you can place it on the bed, which could help create a sensual and romantic atmosphere, such as candles and soft music. However, there are also some things that are not needed in the room, such as television. A study says, of the television in the bedroom can reduce the level of your romance.
Treat it as a friend. You might choose him because he can be your good friend and lover. But on the bed, he was not a good friend, but your loved one. So stop talking about problems at work, caused an annoying friends, or praise a male friend who helps you do the work in the office. Treat her like a lover, and not as a friend.


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