The reason He Reluctant Tied

If you're in a relationship that is really serious and steady with the man you love, then your decision is appropriate to ask for your apply. However, many men who have doubts and fears to take the decision to commit to the woman. Some women assess this situation as one point of the journey of their love, but others assume it shows a man in a relationship not serious.
To overcome this, you should know in advance the problems facing your partner. After knowing the problem, put yourself in a neutral position. Damping their fears, as well as show them that their fears and worries are not groundless. Make your partner feel safe and comfortable while on your side, so he felt totally loved, and confident that you are a woman who could be trusted. Thus he will be confident and better prepared to establish a commitment with you.
Here are three reasons why men are afraid to be bound with you:
Afraid you'll change it. Sometimes men feel that you can not accept who she is. Men also feared that to please you, he must change the nature or personality into someone he did not want. Therefore assure him that you can accept it as is.
Afraid you just like it does on for you. Sometimes men think, you just love on him when he was willing to do anything for you, and not vice versa. A man can feel when you want to commit to him just because of status, or money. He also can sense whether you love him what it was, without any other frills. To convince himself back, show that you are interested in the personal, not because of what he did to you.
Afraid you depend on it. This will happen when we're in love. Unconsciously we ignore and forget the many other interests, including stopping to spend time with your friends. Because, you chose to continue "stuck" Your lover is. This actually makes it uncomfortable, even depressed. When in fact he took the time to do other activities and make friends with other people.
To convince him that you do not rely on it, show that you can be independent. You still feel comfortable when spending time with your friends.

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