In the Philippines the sex workers have a certificate of virginity

Although prostitution is actually illegal in the Philippines, several government-run clinics secretly conduct health checks on sex workers. In fact, who have never had sex will be given a certificate of virginity.
This fact was revealed in a confidential letter sent by a U.S. diplomat, Kristie Kenney for an embassy in his country. More recently, documents were coded 09-MANILA-1827 was leaked on the internet through the site WikiLeaks.
Kenney one of the statements in the letter is, government-owned health clinic Angeles City provide a certificate of virginity and sexual health status of workers at a nightclub. These activities are conducted in secret, because prostitution is actually illegal in the entire Philippines.
"Reports from the embassy in Manila's immigration report, several bars, hotels and private clinics to cooperate with the government clinic to facilitate prostitution," Kenney wrote in the document, as quoted from CBNnews, Monday (09/23/2011).
The clinics are run activities secret in order to control the transmission of genital infections. By doing a routine check, the clinics will be easy to monitor the spread of infection among sex workers.
Not only check the status of virginity and sexual health, health clinics run by the government is also providing special training. Material about safe sex, including how to pair condoms discreetly so as not to get caught by the customer.
The use of condoms, both male condom or female condom is believed to be quite effective in preventing transmission of genital infections including Human Imunnodeficiency Virus (HIV). However, customers are asked to use condoms is often difficult, because it feels pleasure will be reduced.
This finding is more horrendous because some time ago, U.S. Ambassador Harry Thomas said that 40 percent of foreign men who visit the Philippines is to have sex. In fact, according to Thomas, some Philippine officials involved illegal sex trade.   Source:


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