Historical romance lovers

Historical romance lovers can tell you many things about him.  

Ready to uncover the secrets of the past?
1. He practiced monogamy "chain".The status of singles she never more than two weeks, without ever once was two-timing boyfriend. Plus, he's a man who is not afraid of commitment. He is also the kind of person who feels happy when getting the love and undivided attention of people who menyintainya. In return, he is also willing to give similar attention to his girlfriend.
Negative, the habit of moving from one affair into another relationship without giving a pause, could indicate the he is a man who feels uncomfortable with himself, so always need the presence of a companion.
2. He had an affair.Dark past is not a guarantee of 100 percent that he will also betray your trust. But it could not hurt to talk to him about the background to his actions in the past two-timing lover.
Ask questions in a relaxed without interrogating memorable. If he does not have a plausible reason for perlakuannyanya first, and do not give a signal of regret, and intention to improve his behavior, then you should prepare the possibility that such events will happen again someday.
3. He never betrayedSomeone who never betrayed in the past is likely to save the trauma and problems in opening up and trusting others.
As a lover, you need to try, gradually, to restore confidence and belief in love relationships. Do not quickly inflamed when he showed signs of wanting to get away without clarity. Chances are, it is her way of protecting themselves from possible hurt that was unable to reach you.
Reassure him that you will always support and be on her side as her lover. If you already feel comfortable, in the end he would be willing to open up.
4. He has never had a loverIf he had never been romantically involved before with you, chances are he is the kind of guy and a perfectionist who voters want to control everything.
If you want to continue a relationship with him, you have to negotiate some things. Like what can be controlled by him, and which must be free from interference.
Another possibility, he's afraid to face rejection, so do not dare to move closer to women before absolutely sure of his actions.
Since the he has not experienced in building relationships, you need to be patient in giving "lessons" in the world of romance.
5. The he playboyPlayboy nickname will not be stopped just like that in a man with no background. Although follow-horns in front of you do not show these characters, you still need to be vigilant.
If you do not want to be one of the victims, begin to recognize gelagatnya. Then stacking strategy to anticipate the habits make you complacent and launch attacks that could make you surrender to it.
6. Hobbies dating "drama queen"Men who have experience dating a drama queen, has a tendency to transform the couple into an emotional person and obsessed with her love relationship.

How, can with a push-pull strategy which makes me curious. It could also do something that makes her lover so dependent on him. This attitude showed his face because he enjoys the drama that occurred. On the other hand, the he wants to feel himself the hero who saves "ladyship", his girlfriend who was frantic.

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