The key to harmonious relations in pairs

One of the key pair is a harmonious relationship with each other to offer assistance, as well as motivating. Potential of the pair sometimes drown because the lack of confidence. You and your partner can foster mutual confidence, to motivate each other. Men also need motivation, but should convey the right way like this.
1. Give evidenceMen think realistically. So give him the evidence, including evidence of its success so far. When the excitement died down, remind him by showing the evidence of his success so far. Men need to be reminded again, with the evidence, that he is capable and talented, based on past achievement.
2. Give specific praisePraising it's good for boosting self-confidence. However, too often give credit for the achievement or ability to actually become redundant and ineffective.
Men need support in the form of advice or input is practical to achieve success. Give a specific award, to regrow her motivation. Instead of just saying that the he has the potential, it would be better if you mention right away that he was adept at communicating, having the ability to lead a good, and the potential for more specific.
3. Advice and guidanceYou can be successful if it motivates him to give advice and guidance to make small steps. Men are better able to capture the motivation if you give advice and directions that could lead him to start walking.
For example, if the he plans to start a new business. With whom he planned to start a business by helping create a list of phases of activity. Includes a list of contacts relating to the business.
4. Do not be too ambitiousThere's a thin line between being supportive by providing support to the ambitious. Did you mean to give support and encourage your partner, but if too show personal ambition, the result would not be effective.
Especially if you push a partner who is losing the spirit or Mersa dead end to do something. Although you want a partner for success, provide motivation and support in an effective way.

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