Circumcision provides special benefits for you and your partner

At first, circumcision is performed as part of the tradition. But over time, circumcision is also performed for cleanliness and health of the penis. Even so, there are still many men who for some reason have not undergone circumcision in adulthood. Circumcised or uncircumcised conditions proved to affect the sex lives of men, and of course mate.
According to Dr. Patti Britton, PhD, director of the Sexuality Certificate Track in the Chicago School of Professional Psychology / Westwood, circumcision provides special benefits for you and your partner. First, the he did not have to bother anymore to clean the skin covering the head of his penis (the prepuce, or better known as the foreskin). Practicality is not owned by a man who is not circumcised, because it takes extra effort to pull the skin and clean the previously closed.
Clean the area of ​​the head of the penis (the foreskin closed) is necessary to avoid the odor or scent of a more serious effect of the accumulation of material released by the gland (smegma). By itself, fewer bacteria or germs that can move into your body and affect your health.

Second, some women choose men who are circumcised because of the penetration that occurs will reduce the friction that is less comfortable in the vagina. Once penetration occurs, head of the circumcised penis is easier to get in and out to create a sense of comfort for you and your partner.
Whereas if you have a spouse who is not circumcised, safer sex should be emphasized. Men with foreskin of the penis is still covered sometimes have trouble finding condoms that fit, or ensure that condoms are kept in place during penetration occurs. This can create its own concern for women, and consequently disrupt the sexual activity.
Uncircumcised penises are also have a smell or taste different. The smell in the genital area is normal, but if too strong, most likely less intact penis clean. Poor hygiene can also cause infection under the foreskin, whose symptoms can include irritation, redness, pleasant aroma, and other abnormal symptoms. 
Even so, if kept clean, which have not been circumcised penis also provides its own sensation. A thin layer of the prepuce is very sensitive. When an erection, the skin itself attracted to its axis, exposing the head of the penis so it looks the same as that already circumcised penis. During intercourse, oral sex and masturbation, which attracted the skin can act as a lubricant. When the penis is pushed in, it will create extra friction that could lead to its own pleasure for women who like it.
In the end, there is no better or worse during sex with circumcised men circumcised or not. Everything is back to the individual taste of women. Women who have a spouse that is not circumcised can enjoy.


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