Free Keyword Density Analyzer

The level of "keyword phrase" and "search term" usage on your web pages is an important part of your search engine ranking success. As search engines crawl your web pages, they use your page copy as an indicator of your website's theme and will determine it's relevance to searches accordingly. That's why it's important to get your keyword density right. Your keyword density represents the number of times a particular search term or keyword phrase is used relative to the total copy on your web page. 

How to Use the Keyword Density Analyzer

Using the FREE Keyword Density Tool is simple. Just type in the URL (web address) of your web page in the field provided and click “Analyze”. Your results will be displayed across 3 tabs. On each tab, you will get the top 1, 2 or 3 word keyword phrases on your web page based on their keyword density.

Once you know your top keyword phrases and search terms – what do you do next?
The optimal keyword density range for strong search engine rankings is 6% – 15%.

Warning Keyword Density > 15%
If you have any terms that exceed 15%, you run the risk of being penalized by the search engines. Review your web page copy and either add additional relevant text or reduce the usage of the term/s to reduce their density on your web page.
Warning Keyword Density < 6%
If you have a density below 6% on relevant keyword phrases, you need to enhance your copy and increase the usage of such terms across your page. The best way is to incorporate the terms into reader friendly marketing/informational copy.
Good Keyword Density 6% - 15%
If you have a density between 6 – 15% for relevant keywords phrases, then you’re at the optimal level for strong search engine rankings. Now you need to work on other elements of your search engine optimization to get top rankings for these search terms.

Get Better Rankings

You should undertake an ongoing optimization campaign to help increase your rankings across more keywords and maintain your free search engine traffic. The following services can help you improve your rankings and guarantee top 10 positions.

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