Free Competitor Analysis Tool

One of the best ways to improve your search engine marketing performance is to track what your competitors are doing. If you do a search and another website has got the top ranking for your keyword or search term, then this Free Competitor Analysis Tool will help you discover what you need to fix to start improving your search engine position.

How to Use the Free Competitor Analysis Tool

Using the FREE Competitor Analysis Tool is simple. Just type in your URL (web page address) and your competitors in the fields provided. Then type in the search term to use for the comparison and click 'Compare'.

The results will be displayed in 2 sections:

Competitive Search Engine Friendly Metrics

In the Competitive Search Engine Friendly Metrics section, you will get a comparative breakdown of the following key areas that impact search engine success:

  • Page Size
  • Word count
  • Image count
  • Link count
  • Link Popularity
  • Flash usage
  • Frames Usage

Competitive Keyword Density 

In the Competitive Keyword Density section, you will get a side by side comparison of the specified keyword’s density in the following website code and on-page optimization areas:

  • Title tag
  • Description tag
  • Keywords tag
  • Link count
  • Body text
  • Alt tags
  • Link tags

Get Better Rankings

You should undertake an ongoing optimization campaign to help increase your rankings across more keywords and maintain your free search engine traffic. The following services can help you improve your rankings and guarantee top 10 positions.

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