About 20,000 people with severe mental disorders (schizophrenia) in Indonesia live in the stocks

About 20,000 people with severe mental disorders (schizophrenia) in Indonesia live in the stocks. Ignorance about mental illness, economic constraints, as well as access to health care is expensive and causes far only a few people with severe mental disorders who receive treatment.
"The attitude of aggressive, emotional, paranoid, and hostile to others who demonstrated severe mental disorders, some communities memasung their families suffering from mental disorders. In fact, it is a symptom of disease, "said Director of Mental Health, Ministry of Health, Irmansyah, in Jakarta, Friday (7 / 10).
Society still considers severe mental disorder is not a medical issue, but as a "disease" caused by demons or possessed by a curse. This makes the efforts of medical conditions that do actually get a rejection from family.
Health Research Association 2007 Kemkes shows, people with severe mental disorders in Indonesia reached 0.46 percent, or about 1 million people. The highest prevalence in Jakarta (2.03 percent), Aceh (1.9 percent), and West Sumatra (1.6 percent).
In addition to the deprivation, mental health disorders cause a variety of social issues, ranging from divorce, suicide, fights, domestic violence, use of narcotic and addictive substances, to unemployment and poverty.
Mental health facilities are very limited. According to the Directorate General of Health Efforts Secretary, Ministry of Health, Adi Kuntjoro Purjanto, currently there are 48 mental hospitals with 7716 beds. The role of private sector is still small.
However, many psychiatric hospitals proposed change of status into a public hospital. As for paying less attention to the general hospital mental health services.
Mental health workers is very limited. Standard World Health Organization (WHO) said the ideal ratio of mental health specialist (psychiatrist) with the population is 1: 30,000. However, in Indonesia, the ratio of psychiatrists and 0.22 reach a new population: 100,000.
"Currently there are only about 600 psychiatrists," said Irmansyah.
Health Minister reminded Sedyaningsih Endang Rahayu, mental health experts to prepare a management plan with a mature mental health. Looking ahead, the potential for mental disorders will increase as economic growth. "If it's too late to anticipate, it takes a huge cost to care for and treat it," he said.


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Check out our film series "Afflictions: Culture and Mental Illness in Indonesia" which is the first film series on serious mental illness in the developing world. The issue of transient psychosis is referenced in several of the films. Three of the films in the series directly address issues of differential outcome for thought disorders/schizophrenia re issues raised by IPSS and DOSMD studies. The series has won a number of awards, and should be useful for anyone teaching transcultural psychiatry, psychiatric anthropology and related fields. Information on the series and how to purchase are available here: http://www.afflictionsfilmseries.com

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