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Once we have a blog necessarily needs to be done next is to manage and publish them. Managing means always doing the updating (updating) will be the content of the blog. Who's on track to publish disseminate as widely as possible for many who know that we have blogs.

So no wonder when the initial questions frequently asked novice bloggers who are aware of the importance of blogs indexed by search engines is "how do I sign up for Google / Yahoo?". Both search engine called just now is the most prominent search engine referrals. Certainly many who already take advantage of the search engines Google and Yahoo right? certainly well aware of the efficacy of their ability to support the wider publication of the blog.

Well, if agreed to register to search engines before, following the way that we can:

1. Sign on to Google.

Open the following link address:
Enter the URL, key words (in the Comments column) and the input series of letters for verification. Finally click the button Add URL.

2. Sign on to Yahoo.

Open the following address: https: / / / submit
But the requirements to register with Yahoo is that we must have a Yahoo account. So when we will open the address above will be required to log in. (log in) first.
Enter your blog URL address in the fields as tertayang follows:


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