In the development of the modern world at the present time, we are confronted to the competition of modern globalization. Competition is very tight because we must have a strong source of competitiveness, such as experience and our expertise and our human resources. 
Here I will explore a few things about global competition, such as: The first strategy of rapid growth or reduction. Addition or reduction of the number of employees and business units while maintaining the product mix and market reach. Such actions will change the size of the company rather than its scope. The second strategy, ie, changes based on the product. Items revamped always have an impact on the company's operations are also marketing and sales strategy strategy where additional products can be made as with acquisitions. The third strategy, is the change in market coverage. Changed the market focus on the same product mix sehinmgga touched international markets or expand geographic coverage and find a new target consumer. The fourth strategy is nothing but repositioning. Repositioning aimed at changing consumer perception and / or potential consumers, but the company. The fifth strategy is diversification. Diversification in fact included the addition of product and market expansion associated with the core business and non-core business. And the latter is none other partnering strategy. Cooperation between two or more independent companies to create a competitive advantage. In this competition I hope that will not be war that resulted in disaster to the inhabitants of the world like nuclear war and so forth to seize an area and there are a lot of money land. I write this article based on my experience in the virtual world today.

Hail Success
Greetings from me: eric.


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