Artis Popular

Indonesian popular artist who has starred in many soap operas on television.
Donita top rated viewer choice.

Donita is also a lot of his fans on facebook more than 41,000 fans who every day grow so that add Donita popular in Indonesia.

Donita this artist besides he has a beautiful face, she was also not arrogant when it met with his fans.
Donita is a girl's dream for all men.

Olla Ramlan
When his career began to climb, with a brave sister of Cynthia Ramlan proposal is accepted lover, Alex Tian. Yet when it is 23 years old Olla. Alex is a man of Dutch origin bloody Spain and China that became the model that was delivered Eyes video clip Titi DJ. They married on May 17, 2003.
Olla Ramlan is bloody actress Dayak. Women born in Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980 it started a career in entertainment after entry as a finalist in the selection arena Mode Cover Girl 1997. Is his brother, Lolitha Ramlan who secretly submitting on behalf of Olla. In the event, which also followed Shanty, Olla managed to become champion Favorites.

Maria Ozawa

In her career, Maria Ozawa on 2002, while still a student, she appeared in a short (30 second) Japanese TV commercial for DARS Chocolate with the two members of the Japanese pop group KinKi Kids. The commercial has Maria Ozawa’s sharing chocolate with one singer while secretly holding hands with the other.
In her early life, Maria Ozawa (Ozawa Maria) best known as Miyabi was born January 8, 1986 at her hometown in Hokkaido, Japan. Maria Ozawa’s mother is Japanese and Maria Ozawa’s father is French-Canadian. Since Maria Ozawa attended an international school from Primary School to High School, Maria Ozawa claims that her English reading and writing ability is better than her Japanese. While at school, Maria Ozawa played hockey every day, and often went to karaoke after class.

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