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Every time one creates a website, it is good practice to include the number of external links to other sites on the Web, which is capable of valuable information on the same or closely related subjects. This can be in the form of a hyperlink in-text or through dedicated, "Useful Links" section. It is important to remember always do this as one of the other tasks Webmasters and bloggers will be looking to do the same and explore Web sites for quality they want in the link. By giving value in terms of content on our site, therefore, one is actually at the same time take the path of the most successful of all to build quality back links in the long term.

All About Backlink:

1. Backlink is a link / address of your website / blog which is located on the website / blog. Backlink is very useful for increasing your ranking in search engines like google for example. This ranking means that if there are people looking for a keyword related to your content, your website will appear earlier than other websites that have ranked below you, it means going to a lot of visitors who view our website on search engines continue to come to your website .
2. BackLink that you can come from another site that contains links about hacking, spamming, pornographic, gambling and shed link with no content (linkfarm) will not give effect to your site's ranking and the value 0 (zero).
3. Backlink derived from the results of buying links on a website that has a high rank also will not take effect for the number of your backlinks. Because it's better you do not buy links for your backlink
4. Backlinks from sites that are not indexed in a database search engine also will not be counted
5. BackLink originating from sites that have more than 100 links free / not included in the text content of the site will also not be counted.
6. Backlinks from sites that have rank 0 and more than 1 year old will also not be counted, this is used to improve the quality of our website.
7. Increasing the number of backlinks suddenly very much does not count because it is considered by search engines especially google like spamming or you're cheating.
8. Backlinks from sites that have the same first 9 digits will not be calculated kaena considered related to each other. To find a good try just a tool of in
9. Backlinks from sites that do not relate to the content of your site will also not be calculated, for example, your site called healthy foods, but the sites linking to you contains about gambling or comics
10. Title link backlink The same will not be accepted, such as the title of your site healthy eating and other sites also have the same title to his name link.
11. Temporary or backlink backlinks that exist only in these stus while less than 3 months will also not be considered / counted as a backlink.
12. Backlinks to the site a public announcement will also not be considered a backlink, but backlinks from other sites as a result of a public announcement is considered a backlink.
13. Format your backlinks on other sites must exist on the main page.
14. Really hard? so how dong can make backlinks or link building.


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