Black_Hat SEO

For those of you who just heard the term black hat SEO may be confused what is meant by that .. Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is to provide a different page of that requested by the search engines with pages that will be shown this gracious visitors. This last method known as cloaking. Black Hat SEO trying to increase the ranking of a website in a way contrary to the provisions of the search engines, or commit fraud. One black hat SEO techniques is to hide text by making the text color is similar to the background color, save the text inside the div invisible HTML code, or positioning it outside the screen.

Search engines will impose penalties on websites that use black hat SEO, with lower ranking or removing it from the database. This penalty can be imposed on rogue websites automatically, using a specific algorithm or based on reports from visitors who feel cheated.

I think people who use black hat seo is the desperation of people because of your blog or web alexa ranking does not go up or not getting PR from Google, or people who do not understand SEO tips, tricks and want to quickly get high traffic with a shortcut or illicit street earlier .


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