Black Hat Seo, the notion of Black Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO purposes, Techniques and Effect Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO maybe this is not the first time bloggers all to hear. seo technique is cheating techniques for blogs to be read very fast search engine. several ways the mania to optimize SEO blogger, I also gained so, but for Black Hat SEO techniques are advised not to use!. Why is that? SEO techniques cheating is not eternal, because in a few months you will definitely blog banned by Google. and as for understanding the Black Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO purposes, Techniques Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO and the result is as follows:

1. Definition

Literally, Black Hat SEO defined as a way of cheating in terms of maneuvering Optimization of a web blog so it can occupy the first page of search engine like google and yahoo. According to information I got from the results of browsing there and here, the Black Hat SEO is indeed proven to explore the first page of search engines (which are indirectly forced to be perched there but not by natural and optimization usually).

2. Goal

In accordance with the notion of Black Hat SEO above, would have a purpose why there are some web blogs that applying this technique. No other than, the main purpose of the Black Hat SEO is to become king of the ranking and the first page of search engines, of course, with placement of keywords that are made with such a way.

3. Engineering

Some techniques commonly used in Black Hat SEO:

a. Keyword Stuffing,
This technique is achieved by placing lots of keywords (keyword) in a web page blog (articles) in order to attract sympathy from the search engines to be mengindeknya, in other words, this keyword incorporated into a (example) articles, whereas the article, title and there is no relevant keywords.

b. Cloaking (the web page a fake blog),
This technique is done to deceive the search engine bots with how to create a page and the contents of the false content in order to capture the visitor quickly. Well, we need to know, I demonstrated when we open a web page blog, then we open it is the actual page, but when the search engines that visit the cloaking techniques in the form of this script will give false pages. (But to my way of cloaking is less understood, because I never use black hat SEO).

c. Keyword Invisible,
Information, the technique is the most widely used by bloggers, because I thought it was pretty easy, we just need to put the keywords that many of the words in an article (although the content is irrelevant), then those keywords in the paint in accordance with the background color web blog . Become, keyword by naked eye will not be visible, but search engine bots can still see it.

4. Result

If the meaning, purpose and its techniques have been breaking the rules (TOS) search engine, the result also could have guessed. Although in recent days could a web blog on the first page of search engines, but after that the web blog will be in the black list and will not be indexed again later web blog search engines will go into the sandbox and may be banned.

Other additional surrounding the Black Hat SEO:

In general, this technique is an ethical breach in order to optimize a web blog, because any layman would know that something is not the same thing between the title, content and keyword it is a scam.


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