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Although the title has existed since ancient times but did not dampen the heart to post them, for the sake of sharing knowledge among fellow what's wrong.

Meta''is an element or tag in HTML or XHTML programming language that is used to apply the metadata in a web page and is usually placed on the section between <head> and </ head>. This meta tag can be used also to express the description / explanation of a web page and to explain about keywords (keywords) related to metadata.

Here I write the meta tag robots that must be posted on the blog:

<meta content='Your with the blog description Anda' name='description'/>

<meta content='Your keywords in accordance with items blog' name='keywords'/>

<meta content='INDEX,FOLLOW, all' name='robots'/>

<meta content='index, follow' name='googlebot'/>

<meta content='nama you 'name='author'/>

The assembly:
1. Log in Blogger, go to Layout
2. Click Edit HTML, give a check on Expand Widget Templates
3. Copy the code above and put that right under the code <head>
4. Save Template

Note: Do not write keywords that are not included in the material content of the blog. For example eg title of your blog "Learning Computer" and keywords that are used eg health info, mp3 free, 3gp hot, vs. alligator lizard, information flows back and forth, studying martial arts, how to be a thief, learn to catch mosquitoes and so continued to fill its news info about the price vegetables, ways to raise ducks and other weird, it makes the engine crawlers (read: crawler) google confusion and also to increase the risk of posting into the google sandbox. Like the previous experience, I put all the keywords but the result is many posts are not indexed SE.

Meta tags do when you submit your blog to the site directory submission, usually the site will be ordered to install meta tag as verification of membership. So hopefully I can convey the benefits can be taken, if anyone can explain in detail this problem please say in comment form, greetings ...


Excellent post.I have tried many times but not successful to post the meta tag.Now i will try your tips hope it will work for me.Meta tag is very useful for SEO purpose.Meta tag is a tag that describes your blog or website description.


The meta tag description of a website is crawled by the crawler for SEO purpose.The meta tag should be enclosed in head only.It's a html programming.The blog with meta tag description is highly preffered by the search engine.Thanks for sharing with us.


okey, thanks too for sharing my article.

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