Obama Speech On Libya

Mr. Obama said that while the "world will be better off with Qaddafi out of power," broadening the U.S. mission to include regime change would be a "mistake." He allowed that he and other world leaders would pursue regime change in Libya through "non-military means."

"I welcome the President's clarity that the U.S. goal is for Qaddafi to leave power," said Sen. John McCain, R-AZ in a written statement. "But an equal amount of clarity is still required on how we will accomplish that goal."

"The United States and our allies must continue to take 'all necessary measures' to compel Qaddafi to leave power, as called for in UN Security Council Resolution 1973," added McCain. "That means providing material support to opposition forces in Libya while continuing to target Qaddafi's forces in the field. We are not neutral in the outcome of the fighting in Libya. We have chosen a side against Qaddafi, and now we must help the opposition succeed."

But another Republican Senator, Rob Portman of Ohio -- who, like McCain and Cornyn, sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee -- seemed less amenable to Mr. Obama's ambition of ushering Qaddafi out of power, and questioned the need for any U.S. involvement in the conflict at all.

"President Obama has yet to justify our involvement in Libya; even Defense Secretary Gates said the involvement was not in our vital national security interest," said Portman.

"Tonight's speech left many questions unanswered," Portman said, adding that he looked forward to questioning members of the President's cabinet on "the national security rationale" behind the U.S. intervention.
Source: cbsnews.com

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