Ping is a utility program

Ping (sometimes referred to as the acronym for Packet Internet Gopher) is a utility program that can be used to check network connectivity technology-based Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP). By using this utility, can be tested whether a computer is connected to other computers. This is done by sending a packet to the IP address you want tested connectivity and waiting for a response from him.
Before choosing a niche and potential keywords for blogs we should first understand the sense of niche blogs, blogging motives and our goals, strategies monetasi blog that we want to do or products that we want to market.

Niche for monetasi blogs on the internet is not limited. And if we can choose a specific niche so our blog will have a specific theme which is very popular search engine like google. To be able to successfully create a blog we need to understand the strategies, tips, methods, and criteria in choosing a niche and a good target market. Error in choosing the target market niche and often the cause of the failure blogger beginners in Internet business.


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