Robots Meta Plugin

Plug-ins have become part of wordpress, and which will support the performance of wordpress it self. Robots Meta plugin is one of favorite plugins that are widely used by users of wordpress. It appears that this plugin has a rating of 5 stars. Then why this plugin so favorites!!!

In general purpose robots meta plugin is to prevent robots from search engines will index your blog. Because in this section are not all from the pages of our blog should be indexed by google. As the admin page, login, register, while also giving the freedom of the robots to explore the structure of our blog, be it will give other people a chance to do evil things on our blog. Because it is currently still has a weakness wordpress securitynya section:).

Well, there are several settings that are made to the meta robots based on recommendations from Yoast.

1. Plugin settings and RSS feeds there is nothing in check
2. Prevent indexing, in this section, the meta robots plugin will take reasonable precautions against the indexing of our blog. The things to note is better check everything because there are preventative things other than harm will also affect the SEO. But it was handed back to each other.
3. Internal no follow setting, in this section we can regulate how the status of the links that we make in our blogs, are like nofollow from links that we bet on the homepage, and so on.

To be able to use it, just slide it into the wordpress plugin. Of course the existence of robots meta plugin is not absolute. In consideration of the various plugins that can be used to optimize wordpress so comfortable in using it. Well, robots meta plugin is essential to prevent the search engine robots mengobok meddle with our blogs, which can be exploited by hackers for malicious intent.


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