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For you are still confused with these analogies and curious sense in general do not worry I'll try to explain. RSS a simplified version of a website with XML format. RSS readers are applications that are used to read RSS feeds while (feeder) is a data format used for serving content that is always in new.  But in joining will be approximately: RSS as a source of information gathered by the feed and read by RSS reader.  If we already subscribe to any RSS reader but our guns guns could read the contents of the article that created the RSS format.

RSS reader for itself there are 2 types:

1. Desktop based: RSSOwl | RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader 1.2.2, YeahReader 2.4, FastTrackNews,   YeahReader 2.4, Snarfer, Recover Data RSS Reader 2.0.5, Active Web Reader 2:45.
2. Web based: Google Reader, Bloglines

To these two types of RSS each has shortcomings and  you who have computers / laptops themselves but rarely desktop dased online may be more suitable for you because it can be read when offline.  Because the desktop is installed on a computer based automatic guns could be in the open on another computer (Internet cafe, etc.). But for you who frequent online web-based options may be more beneficial because he is in the form of web-user application so guns in need of installation and can be open anywhere with any computer from connecting to the internet.

I honestly have not tried all hell but for many who recommend based desktop use than it looks simple because snarfer also easy on the web-based  recommendations fall into google reader because it is integrated with google account features are also more compact.


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