School children are still malnourished

School children
School children in Indonesia was allegedly still malnourished today. This happens because of lack of energy and protein intake that children should be obtained daily through food is nutritionally balanced.

"School children are still malnourished. This is because it has not been balanced nutritional needs. During these children consume more carbohydrates but less other energy and protein intake,"said Board of Trustees of the Foundation Movement Conscious Nutrition Society, Zaenal Abidin, in welcome discussion of the National Nutrition Day 2011, Saturday (01/22/2011), in Jakarta.

Figures nutritional adequacy of children aged 7-9 years need energy for 1600-1800 kilo calories (kcal) and protein requirement of 45 grams. However, based on 2007 data from nutrition expert, University of Indonesia, Dr.Saptawati Bardosono, about 94.5 percent of the 220 ​​children examined at five elementary schools in Greater Jakarta, consuming foods with calories below the standard.

This is because during the last data nutrition of school childrenhas not been a priority health services . Poor nutrition has resulted in reduced comprehension of school children, physical growth is not optimal posture tends to short and the child susceptible to diseases.


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