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When we learn SEO it is actually the point is to write well in our own blog and also on the blog welcome, but specific writing is writing for Search Engine robots. So be prepared to write with a slightly different way, but nonetheless remained significance should also not forget our writing in order to remain meaningful for humans. If you have been accustomed to write for 2-sided, that is writing for and write like a human robot learning activities seo then you will make your blog more lively and conduct your business.

The mistake many people make when learning seo really is when they are too eager, then excessive writing for search engine robots, which causes forgetfulness to consider how to write that could sell. Sentences that are written to be forced to load keywords only, so do not look natural.

The above error can make you lose your sales conversions, even in a more serious stage is tedepak of Search Engine because it is actually Search Engine OVER HATE with action (excessive). Too many keywords can create a Search Engine thinks you outsmart them, cheated them. Moreover, if the article does not mean anymore to humans, for example by scrambling words, the replacement of certain words into other words while still maintaining the key word to make writing UNIQUE.

This action is called black hat SEO. This error often made by beginners when learning seo. When the novice is learning seo and make mistakes like this then at some point they will quickly delighted to see their blogs as shot up in search engines, but then in some future time fell again, so they will FAIL in the long term.

So how to learn SEO and writing for search engine robots that can successfully make your blog perched on the front page of major search engines such as Google's, and guns down again? The answer is to write for search engine robots while considering the quality of the writing for humans.

Make posts that have a match between the keywords (keywords) used, Title (meta title), Specification (meta keywords), the contents of the writing itself proportionally contains keywords that are spread in several paragraphs with a percentage ranging from 4 to 8 percent. Yes, learn seo indeed about the numbers too, such as maintaining the percentage of those keywords. It's not always easy, given the need to make the text still remains human readable (not stiff). But if you already do it often then the process will flow by itself. Learning to write well for the search engines and also for human well does require its own process. If you are also a member of Mr. Action Club then you will get used to not only to TAU would have it, but also ABLE to do it.


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