SEO is a mixture of science and art

SEO is a mixture of science and art.

Science here include Internet infrastructure that was built with the concept infrastruktrur very serious. The concept of obedience to the signs of traffic and driving ethics (surfing).
Artnya is we are dealing with human beings who visited our website. The approach is often done in SEO is persuasive that elevates the emotional side rather than logic. Art combines many of these components that can not be restricted in terms of the element of creativity.
Like the real Magic, the Magic of  KNOWLEDGE.

If allowed to share the most powerful talisman sebenarnye an interesting article, it is more important, that Page rank n affairs visitors must adherents by itself.

So if anyone raises a question how your Page Rank or Visitor, cuman one answer, an interesting article. It wrote, Page rank high, backlinks one container, do not guarantee the visitor will be exploded on our blog.

Do not be reversed in general the young bloggers, posting 10 articles dah new chase chase SEO, should be continuously developed new articles to the SEO.

More backlinks can also fly, 1 day 3 backlinks is enough, do all in focus nyari backlinks, but that should be evaluated our articles interesting or not, it is far more important than just Page Rank, surely guaranteed his popular blog that interesting article that's what makes you a blogger is not unusual.


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