Serious work on the bill the House Intelligence Service Requested

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Former Coordinator of the Working Group (WG) Intelligence bill asks Parliament Muhammad AS Hikam seriously preparing draft Law Intelligence. Hikam hope clause per article should not be explained fully so that no violation of multiple interpretations.

According Hikam Intelligence bill also important for national interests in the field of defense and security guaranteed "In order for the ruling does not make intelligence as a tool," said Hikam in Trijaya polemic discussion in Jakarta on Saturday (26/03/2011).

According Hikam Act rules could strengthen the role of intelligence give way to the public including oversight for intelligence is not misused.

"Intelligence is considered the country a strategic country, obviously need rules of the game," he said.

Nevertheless Hikam criticized the clause of Article 37 paragraph 2 on the formation of the House working committee to oversee the National Intelligence Agency (BIN).

According to him, through the supervision would be ineffective because Panja Panja Panja have regular work like other lawmakers. "If I need to have the intelligence subcommittee of the state. dibuaat mechanism for public oversight must be effective," he said.


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