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For blogs to exist

A simple way for blogs to exist Whether this is true what I wrote or I do not really know, it's just That this personal experience. This is a way for my blogk cans exist; 1. Update the content of the blog every day if possible with a hot topic talked about, even though it makes posting sulitseperti current Sometimes 2. matii Observing the statistics this blog is Important to know whether our blog Increased visitors is down and Observe our blog adsense revenue, 3. Blogwalking, there are many benefits from the activities blogwalking Besides Improving our blog visitors Also compared with those of other bloggers blog about the appearance and content of blogs, 4. Measuring the speed of our blog / speed of loading us Because when blogwalking Often I come across a blog That loading very long time, Until there is a feeling to move keblog other. You definitely do not Want To Happen to your blog right? 5. Visiting the blogger behind your friends Who Are Also visiting us this blogg to eliminate That We Are stingy to visit the back, 6. Keep Learning New Things with it that We get from blogs blogs of others and apply to the wise in our blogging activities, 7. Never force a post to the blog if feels there is nothing new to be written Because the results would be disappointing, That's the Simple Things That make our blogs cans exist in cyberspace.

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