Stabilizing Internet Connection Using Ping

For those of you who use the internet connection with usb modem, phone modem, or any other modem you'll have no way of internet connection problems even though internet is connected. Usually when it happens like the easiest thing is to disconnect and then connects again. The way it is less effective because we'll often do redial if we are dealing with an unstable connection or internet connection we often let go without doing any activity (usually marked with a network connection icon in system tray which both are inactive or active only one only).

Here is a simple internet tricks that can help resolve or at least reduce the problems mentioned above. Tricks that I mean here is that we do Ping to a specific server so the connection is still running even though we do not do internet activity (downloading or uploading) of any kind.

Ping it self is an acronym for Packet Internet Groper, which is an application to test connectivity on a network by sending data packets to the destination server, the transmitted data is seen how many packets are sent back as a response from the server is, how many packets are lost (lost). The smaller the lost data means better connection.

Ping function, in addition to test connectivity, can also be used to maintain an internet connection can run more stable. Given how the Ping that send data and wait for data to back this makes the internet connection is still running even though we did not perform any activity (can be seen the comparison on the network connection icon in system tray which continued to be active).

To run the Ping function is actually quite easy, we can do by opening a command prompt via Start then select Run. Type cmd and then select Ok.


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