Tech Stealth Fighter Bomber

B-2 Stealth Bomber
United States Air Force has a number of fighters to beat the defense anti-air attack Libya. One is prepared Stealth fighter bomber or stealth technology, B2 Spirit. B2 Spirit At least three planes and six pilots used the U.S. attacking Libya.

Three plane-B2 Spirit stealth prepared directly from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, the United States to Libya. With the ability to cruise up to 10,000 miles per refueling, B2 Spirit was assigned to hit specific targets Gaddafi's troops, then back to 'kandang' him in Missouri.

Hangar to B2 Spirit was deliberately made ​​special. With an adjustable air control, this particular hangar to be part of the treatment of combat aircraft valued at Rp 20 trillion as of this unit.

As quoted from page Daily Mail, B2 Spirit Libya in charge of hitting defense. One of the features of this aircraft is capable of carrying up to 8 GBU-37 bomb, bomb capable of destroying bunkers, or the protection of underground.

After the 110 attack Tomahawk missiles to Libya, B2 Spirit prepared for variations in air strikes against Libya Allied troops. This most expensive fighter aircraft assigned to destroy a satellite-controlled 45 missiles Gaddafi's troops.

Naturally, if the stealth aircraft has become the most expensive aircraft in the history of military aviation. B2 Spirit is a long-range strategic bombers that have the ability to escape from radar observations. Precision bombing B2 Spirit was known precisely.

This aircraft has a payload capacity of 2 people. The length of this plane 21 meters, with a wingspan of 52 meters. Despite weighing up to 71 tons empty, the aircraft is capable of reaching speeds up to 760 kilometers per hour.

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