Tsunami Jepang

Plane, Car, Home, People,.....  Four train carriages overturned and lying on the side of the oblique angle that it seems impossible. A cruise ship lay on his side. Meanwhile, another ship is like a see saw game that almost fell on the edge of the pier.

All transportation equipment is thrown off course by the force of the tsunami destroyed, and photographed from above like toys scattered by a child who has been bored playing. Elsewhere, the terrified victim waiting to be rescued on top of a building in Kesennuma, northeast Japan, using a giant SOS sign from bedsheets.  The atmosphere of sadness enveloped burial 60 victims of the earthquake and tsunamis that hit Japan some time ago. Dozens of bodies were put into a coffin made ​​of simple wood and then buried together in the city Higashimatushima, Japan.

Mass burials have been conducted since Tuesday (22 / 3) and up to now as many as 60 bodies had been interred in the fieldcovering an area of ​​50 yards .

As reported by news.com.au, Thursday (03/24/2011), Japanese society has a habit of actually cremate the bodies of their family members. But in emergencies, the Japanese government finally took steps to make the mass graves as the final resting place for victims.

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