White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO can be interpreted in Indonesian is where the white hat webmasters believe that this is the safest technique in search engine optimization, white hat SEO can also categorize that content is king and web / blog is running slowly but surely. White hat SEO is the best technique for a competitor even though marketing is a barrier to implementing this White hat SEO can satisfy the visitors are also expected because customers would not want to implement it if the owner of the web / blog content is king must assume that provide precise and accurate information .

Below is a technique that may be useful in a White Hat SEO:

1. Information that directional
Creating relevant content and show relevant information as well, the point is if you want to market a product then marketed that sportsmanship does not make any other keywords that are inserted in the content so visitors know the intent and purpose of web / blog is directed by the product.

2. Set up a web / blog properly
White hat seo can also be done by managing Web / blog for good can be done by selecting a SEO friendly templates and set the CSS to fit into the power streamline its so fast, should also be noticed java script.

3. The meta tag
Give meta tag because it is very helpful especially the title and description to note is the robot and the exact title under head also charset that is used for spider clearly read the meta tags kode. In provision can be viewed in the article meta tag blogger.

4. Create a keyword (keyword) that is relevant
To place the white hat seo title as keywords and descriptions, it is better placed in the following elements:
> Title
> Meta Description 
> Meta Keywords
> Heading h1-h6 elements
> Text with ""
> Alt Tag that can be optimized in the picture
> Title Tags
> Links that contain keywords

5. Create a good link
I will make a word or phrase that contains a link that good and bad.

6. A good linkback
Get the linkback from high pagerank sites that were also submits in the directory dofollow.

7. Ping regularly
Ping regularly with moderation.

8. Promote your site to social network
Do it by relying on twiter or facebook and other social networks for my facebook and twiter the most good for promotion, to note if the link link must have the appropriate title with a discussion on the Web / blog.

9. Give contact us
This is where the web / blog that does have a product you would like marketed, the product must be clear and placed on a separate page, so that all pages can be optimized.

10. Hold a SEO contest
SEO contest with a focus on keywords and also link the web / blog for participants to follow, but must have the capital to pay the winner and should really be paid.

Hopefully useful about white hat SEO that may indeed have been implemented and known by pal all. Save  love for my friend who was willing to comment on this blog I hope there is another entry about White hat SEO for help also advice and criticism when there is an error in this article.


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