At least 45 people were killed by a tornado storm that hit the United States

North Carolina - At least 45 people were killed by a tornado storm that hit the United States. Tornado that hit 14 states U.S. for 3 days was the worst tornado in the U.S. in recent decades.

Tornado storm began on Thursday, April 14 pm local time in Oklahoma. The storm devastated the small town which only has a population of 350 Tushka soul. Most of the houses of residents in the city was destroyed. So it is with the stores. Two people were killed in the city.

Widespread tornado's fury on Friday, April 15 local time to Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina. After the tornadoes struck Virginia on Saturday, April 16 evening local time.

One of the cities most severely hit by the tornado is the City of Raleigh in North Carolina. As many as 23 people were killed in Raleigh.

"This is the most significant damage due to tornadoes since the early 1980s," said North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue told reporters as quoted by AFP news agency on Monday (4/18/2011).

Dozens of shattered homes in Raleigh. A tornado also caused power outages in many areas in North Carolina.

In Alabama, deaths of 7 people including a mother and two children. They were sheltering in their mobile home when the vehicle was thrown about 150 yards into the jungle due to a tornado.

Seven other people died in Arkansas, four victims killed in Virginia and 1 person killed in Mississippi.


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