Based on rough calculations, "Skull of Destiny" was found in 1927 by a British explorer, Frederick A Mitchell-Hedges

Skull Destiny - Based on rough calculations, "Skull of Destiny" was found in 1927 by a British explorer, Frederick A Mitchell-Hedges, in a Mayan ruins in Lubaantun. But there is another opinion that says these researchers have been bought in a Sothebys auction in London in 1943.

This is not engineering a story like in the film "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was popular. But it could be inspired by the "mystery of the crystal skull" is the unsolved until now.

However, this crystal skull was made and polished so perfectly that it becomes a very valuable work of art. To verify the first hypothesis that these skulls came from the Mayans, we are faced with a series of questions.

Skull of Destiny is reviewed reasoning is a technique that was unlikely. Weighs about 5 pounds and perfectly mimic female skull. According to scientists, it is not possible this thing was made without the use of modern methods, even though the Mayan culture has not been known to modern civilization.

This skull has become something of interest for experts from various disciplines over the years - though there are estimates that this thing is the fruit of the work of the "ancient esoteric groups" with "ability supernormalnya" like telekinesis.

There are a variety of different analysis of this skull. One of the unsolved mysteries is the quartz crystal and the level of violence that reached a score of 7 of the Mohs scale (ie a way of measuring hardness of a material that ranges from 0 to 10). It's amazing this thing if it were carved without the use of modern equipment made of ruby ​​or diamond stone.

A study has been conducted by the American firm, Hewlett-Packard in the 1970s, they found that to achieve a level of perfection like that, the skull must be sharpened by the erosion of sand for 300 years.

The reason the Mayans can make things that require time for 3 centuries to see it in full? One thing is for sure the Skull of Destiny is not the only one found. Some of them are found in various parts of the world and made of different materials.

A skull made of jade, but in a somewhat smaller scale than the human skull, was found in the area of ​​China / Mongolia. He was estimated to 2200 up to 3500 years BC.


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