Finally Malinda Dee appeared in front of reporters

Malinda Dee
Finally Malinda Dee appeared in front of reporters. Wearing black hoods and red jacket, penilep Citibank customer funds were taken from Police Headquarters to the Citibank office in Sudirman, Jakarta.

"For the development of the case, would be brought to Citibank," said an investigator who brought Malinda at Police Headquarters, Jl Trunojoyo, Jakarta, Monday (04/04/2011). An investigator for women and men then bring it into the Kijang Innova socialite. Malinda's lawyer, Batara Simbolon, also assist.

Police have arrested Malinda and confiscated a number of his luxury car. Malinda by cashed-blank blank, 'outsmart' clients and move their money into his account. Noted there are 8 account that he stream of funds from these customers.


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