Jennifer Nettles is just such a strong singer

Jennifer Nettles
Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles sang “California King Bed” with Rihanna on the Academy of Country Music Awards tonight. I love Jennifer Nettles, but thought this pairing was a little weak. Jennifer Nettles is just such a strong singer that I don’t think Rihanna was able to keep up. Though, I’m a country music girl. With a presentation of engaging tunes, dynamic vocals, and poetic flair in a passionately charged live setting, Jennifer Nettles and her band were quite successful during the mid- to late '90s. Originally a native of Atlanta, GA, Nettles successful career began with the release of Story of Your Bones and quickly a following was created. Over the course of her touring, Nettles received rave reviews from many publications including Jezebel, Atlanta City Mag, the Album Network, Southeastern Performer, and the Performing Songwriter. Nettles has been rewarded with gigs at momentous occasions such as the 1999 Lilith Fair Tour, Big Day Out 2000, and Music Midtown 1999. 


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