Baithe baithe
Technique, the couple sat in a comfortable chair, but quite sturdy, while the two legs slightly opened. You straddle his lap as he could watch her face.

Bend your knees, then use your legs to clamp the seat cushion. When the couple grabbed her thighs, hips, or buttocks, you hold on to the back of the chair and began to move up and down along the area of ​​pleasures.

Actually, the woman on top position is quite classic, but it provides incredible pleasure for women. With your knees bent while the hands and feet used to grip, then this becomes the force that is ready to add excitement and passion make love.

This position is also perfect for making out with a pair of top-down action to fast, then doing the twist as widely as possible. Plus, your body is close enough for intimacy kissing, touching, or just stare at each other.

Kamaal ka yoga
Sex positions it helps couples to be comfortable during copulate. You are facing to his face, sat in his lap while riding it, with your legs comfortably embrace his waist.

Embrace each other, and lock lips as she kissed alias share the breath. So when you throw away the breath, the couple pulled it, and so on. When you inhale, play your hips and tighten your vaginal muscles.

For lovers of yoga, this position is perfect. Synchronization between breathing and movement together while in this position will deepen your intimacy. Furthermore, together felt a wave of climax.


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