Sell-buy is expected to hit David Jordan did not happen

 Jakarta - Sell-buy is expected to hit David Jordan did not happen. Chris John ultimately chose to play it cool to win points. But that's not what makes David disappointed.

David does seem eager to win since the beginning of the fight. Since the first round, 23-year boxer immediately give sting to Chris, although that got beat was not moved. After the bout, Chris admitted that he did choose to not serve a la David frontal battle.

Had the fight frontal serve, Chris admitted to not knowing what the final battle will be like that. He eventually won a number, and David never thought of The Dragon did not respond to trading blows it proposes.

While surprised by the change in strategy the opponent, the boxer who is also fondly called Cino was also expected to compete again.


I am a great fan of his..I really loves his boxing technique.

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