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Do you have a great product, but no sales?

The cold hard fact is that you can't make sales if you don't have any customers! That may seem like an obvious statement, but getting traffic to your site is the #1 challenge that online marketers face. Stop wasting valuable time and money on traffic that doesn't work.

Get the kind of traffic your website NEEDS to SUCCEED!

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. AdMinder has been helping online marketers reach their traffic generation goals for years. Using our extensive experience in this field,we are able to drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site with AdMinder Guaranteed Traffic. And you can start receiving your visitors in just 5 minutes!

See what our customers are saying about AdMinder Guaranteed Traffic!

I like AdMinder because all I had to do was tell the system what landing page was going to get traffic and then... BAM! that was it! -Mary B., Denver, CO

Guaranteed Clicks just flat out works. It's the only traffic source I have found that consistently delivers leads to the business opportunity site I promote. -Aaron K., Tampa, FL


GUARANTEED TARGETED CLICKS: Guaranteed Targeted Clicks is an industry proven method that allows website publishers of all sizes and budgets to direct targeted and unique traffic to your website. Why pay premium prices to place PPC ads on Google if you aren't seeing the results in leads or conversions? For less than $0.04 a click, you can position your sites to be exposed to potential customers in the geographic regions of your choosing. This industry leading software virtually eliminates any type of internet bots that automatically click through your ads. For this reason, you can rest assured that your ads are being viewed by real customers with real buying power. The AdMinder Guaranteed Targeted Clicks program features:

  • Geo-targeted customers that are interested in what you're selling
  • Priced from less than $0.04 per click, this is an extremely inexpensive advertising option. If a customer doesn't click on your ad, then a) your don't pay and b) you are still creating brand recognition.
  • Ability to send traffic to up to 5 different URLs and allocate desired number of clicks to each URL.
  • With an optimized landing page, you can generate hundreds to thousands of leads.
GUARANTEED VISITORS: Jump-start your business by sending Guaranteed Visitors to your web site via full page Pop-Under windows. Because they are so inexpensive, they are one of the BEST ways to promote your site from an ROI (return on investment) standpoint. Plus, Guaranteed Visitors is one of the fastest ways to improve your Alexa Rankings!

  • The web page of your choosing in a full 750x500 pixel window
  • Promote up to five different URLs at once
  • Service not affected by pop-up blockers
  • Complete control over when your traffic is delivered and how quickly traffic is delivered
  • No software to install or coding to implement
You can start receiving Guaranteed Traffic to your site in just 5 minutes! Simply select your desired package below. We offer several different package options at great rates. Plus if you want to save an additional 10% and reach the broadest possible audience, choose a combination package of Guaranteed Targeted Clicks and Guaranteed Visitors.

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