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Now what should I do?

Check for available Articles, then read and rate them to earn:

You should frequently - at least daily, check articles available for your attention. This is how you can earn money using the readbud service. To check the articles we have delivered to you, simply click on the "Articles" tab situated on the header or click here and the article invitations for available articles will start streaming in.

Choose different Interest Topics to receive different articles:

If you would like to receive new articles covering different topics then you currently do, simply change your Interest Topics. Remember, you can only change your Interest Topics once in a 24 hour period.

Earn more money by referring your friends or family:

Let your friends and family know about readbud and our wonderful service. You will earn $5 for every first redemption your friends make. If you refer a hundred friends and they all redeem, you can earn $500!

Participate in our Affiliate Program to earn money:

Are you a webmaster, blogger or a social butterfly? If yes, you can earn $5 for every first redemption your referal makes. For example, if you refer 1000 people and they all become members, and eventually redeem, you can earn $5000!

Excelent earning potential for:

  • Website owners who wish to capitalise from their website
  • Bloggers, regardless of topic covered
  • Forum/message board owners and users alike
  • Social network members with plenty of connections
Unfortunately, your current balance of $1.19 does not meet or exceed the $50 minimum required to redeem the funds by wired transfer to your PayPal account. Only once you have accumulated over $50 will you be eligible to redeem.

Please note that you must have a valid PayPal account in order to receive the funds earned through your participation.

Why PayPal only?

All redemptions are made through PayPal as we see it as a most suitable and secure option. Once you accumulate over $50, you will be able to provide your PayPal account. We will only ever ask you for your PayPal account email and nothing else as this is all we require to transfer the funds across. You are then free to do as you please with the earned funds as they are righfully yours. Furthermore, you are more then welcome to continue earning more money using our service.

Do I have to redeem once I reach $50?

No. You may continue to earn more money and redeem once you are satisfied with your earnings. 

*When else get money just by reading the article and click on the article, go hunting friends here all the themes.
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2. Fill in the format provided herein should match your data.
3. Do not forget to save the format and password as well as others.

Caution: This payment system directly into your paypal after reaching 50 dollars.
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