Blogger Stats

Here I try to describe one by one:

1. Blogger Stats Overview

This feature allows us to see the statistics of the number of visits globally. With the statistics display is divided into 4 sections, we as admin of course made easier to analyze traffic in real time, view and analyze visitor interest from anywhere our blog visitors come from. For more specific we can choose an available time impressions can be multiple tabs, it can be in days, weeks, months or the total time.
2. Statistics Blogger Post

Not need to be explained at length to post statistics, we would have understood the intent of these publishers, we can see a direct short post or article where the most demanding visitors. Well if you want to analyze more observant, post statistics with the greatest value not only because it contains an interesting article or a new post is published, but according to keyword targeting also have a major, even more if your blog specifically for the sale of course we can easily analyze what items are most sought-after buyers.

3. Sources Blogger Traffic Stats

How do visitors find our blog? is where all traffic is recorded and displayed into the form of reports. There are 3 parts that we can analyze, can be through Referring URLs, Referring Sites and Keyword Search.

4. Blogger Audience Statistics

Very interesting if we can easily analyze the end of any country we come from, Web Browser and SO what are the most widely used to display the pages of our blog. Remember the visitor is king, of course we hope to give the best service for them.

One thing I think something is missing or is deliberately not shown, why bloggers only displays statistics for the number of pageviews without displaying the number of visitors? or is directly summed with the number of visitor statistics into pageviews.


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