Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said

Friday, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said that while his country will not defend whoever is responsible for the sinking of a South Korean warship in March, it is not ready to accept South Korea's investigations that blame North Korea for the incident, officials said.
Wen, China's second-ranking official, refrained from using strong language against North Korea during Friday's bilateral summit in Seoul, adding that his government has not decided whether to accept a South Korean investigation's findings that blame North Korea for the so-called Cheonan incident last March, South Korean officials said.
Investigations conducted by South Korean officials claim that last March, a North Korean mini-sub slipped though the de facto western sea border firing torpedoes at the Cheonan South Korean Navy ship, killing 46 people on board and escalating diplomatic tensions between the two rival nations.
During Friday's summit, Wen expressed his condolences to the South Korean people and the victims of the attack and said China will condemn any entity that disturbs peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.


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