Contracted Kamaru Norman Falcon Rp.2 billion

Brigadier Norman Kamaru it has signed a cooperation contract with PT. Falcon. Norman has been contracted by the company's record label for a number of jobs, of whom completed an album and film.

Andri Kusuma W SH. MM, as a lawyer PT. Falcon revealed that the contract for one album contract value of more than Rp1 billion. When combined with the film and Album will be more than Rp2 M. First started recording two songs began in April, and revised around July.

"More than one M is for one album. Not to movie contract, the same digital, can be more than 2 M," said Andri W. Kusuma, when met at the office of PT. Falcon, Duren Tiga, Jakarta, Monday (19/09/2011).

But according to Andrew, that the decline of Norman Kamaru Brimob not because of the contract value is quite large. But because the institutions that make him uncomfortable in his contract to run it.

"Not because of the contract value, but because the institution which makes him uncomfortable. He's just doing the singing is not bad but why 'dikarungi'. If he came without permission ... it's already taken care of why permission-permission," said Andri .

Norman has delivered a statement early retirement. The letter was submitted to the Police Gorontalo, but did not receive approval. Less satisfied with the decision, he then went to Police Headquarters and Mako Brimob, re-submit his resignation.


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