Dancing Naked for Money

For Yanti (25) and Santi (17), both pseudonyms, berbugil ria in front of a man masher not a shameful thing. In fact, they really enjoy this job. As the rhythm of the music, they show off the beautiful curve of her body prior to disarm one by one fabric attached to the body.
This activity lasted less than a month before police finally kissed activities that damage the morale of the citizens of Malang. Tuesday (23/08/2011) around 23:00 in the middle of Ramadan, police raided a place of entertainment of The Loft Entertainment Karaoke and Lounge Malang Town Square (Matos), Jalan Veteran, Malang.

Based on PPA Anton Prasetyo, visible Malang Criminal Police launch this news on Monday (9/26/2011), during the raids, Jackie, a resident of District Gedangan, Malang regency, and Santi, Breadfruit District residents, the city of Malang, was busy squirming in the presence of some men.
Suspicion of business-related security exotic dance originated from the public reports and local people. The report said that new entertainment venues opened in July 2011 is in addition to providing a means for karaoke, also provides services stripper.
Yanti and Shanti and then arrested, while three suspects provider is the manager of The Loft, namely M Nurdin aka Aria (30), as marketing manager; Ardi aka Zuliandi Diggoz (41), general manager, and Roni Teguh Nugroho (30), operational manager , had finally been charged.
Striptease dance services not provided Nurdin, Diggoz, and Roni to all customers. Only those with deep pockets and need these services are offered.
How, Roni see how many liquor ordered. After getting the customers have, Roni persuade it to customers before offering dish strippers. Once customers have entered the trap, Roni Diggoz directly asking permission to call the two dancers. After the exit permit, Roni directly submit it to Aria.
Aria role is as a person who brings strippers. For rates, Aria peg Rp 600,000 per hour for each dancer. From this rate, Rp 500,000 given to the dancers, and the rest into the pockets of managers of The Loft.


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