Exchanging links is one effective means to bring visitors to your website

Exchanging links is one effective means to bring visitors to your website ... Not only are visitors coming from your partners when exchanging links, but your search engine rankings will also increase and facilitate people to find your website and it will automatically add visitors to a website or blog.When you already have a blog (whether it's on wordpress.com or blogspot.com) The following is a guide to exchange links.
Wordpress.com users blog:
1. Login to your wordpress.com account through the link http://domain-name.wordpress.com/wp-login.php2. After login, click Manage3. Then click the links4. Then click on>> Manage Links (add new) and fill in the following information in column
Our Link details:Name: Link Exchange and Website PromotionWeb Address: http://autobacklinkdirectory.blogspot.com/2011/03/link-exchange.htmlDescription:
Read the article and fill in the box or the contents of which will increase visitors and increase your backlinks
Categories: Check the category Blogroll
5. Click Save on the right. and it's done.
Users Blogspot.com Blog:
1. Log in to www.blogspot.com2. After you login click Layout.3. If you do not have a blogroll please add the widget by clicking the "add page element" and follow these steps:

* Find a list of links
* Click add to blog posts
4. After two steps above, then you will get a column to be filled.5. Columns that concerns only 3, namely: Column Title, Url new site, and the name of the new site

* Column headings you fill with Link Exchange
* Url column contents with your new site: Link Exchange and Website Promotion
* New Site Column Name your content with: http://autobacklinkdirectory.blogspot.com/2011/03/link-exchange.html
* Then click the Add link and then click Save changes.
6. Done!7. If the widget has been added so all you have to do is edit. Click edit on the list of links or link exchange widget TSB and then proceed to step 5 it's just that your attention is now focused on two columns of the new site Url Column and Column Names New Site.


Link exchanges are a great way to get quality traffic to your site. Especially if you're exchanging with someone that has a loyal audience because they trust that person and will see your endorsement as a sign of a good site. Using link exchanges, other seo techniques and pay per click management are a great way to generate traffic for your site.

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