How can I get a durable mobile phone battery

Currently HP is one wrong of the most crucial thing in our daily activities. Relationships with clients, relatives, and family can all be accomplished with a gadet. But, what if your mobile phone battery every so often drop in when the unwanted? For that, before the incident, it helps you do the following to your mobile phone battery can last longer and do not have to drop suddenly.

No signal? Restart your cell phone!

One of the factors that cause bateraimu quickly drains HP is a condition that does not get a signal. When the mobile phone not get a signal at all then HP will continue to seek the HP signal and thus be constantly working. If you have this condition, you should begin to restart the HP so that the signal can be caught easily.
Or if the signal does not go well when HP was restarted many times you should turn off your mobile phone for a while. It is intended to provide time off to HP in order to work optimally when the back is turned.

Turn off the vibration function on the HP.

To save battery consumption, turn off the vibration function on the HP. If not in a condition that requires you turn off the sound of the HP, the HP without using a turn on the sound vibration. HP Shakes very quickly exhaust your battery when compared to just turn on mobile phone ring tone. Not believe? Take a look and count how long battery can survive if you continue to use the vibration function.

Turn off Bluetooth connection.

If you do not need, turn off the bluetooth connection on your phone. Need a headset? We recommend using a headset with cable compared with a bluetooth headset. In addition to the radiation is not good for health to your head, bluetooth is also very quick to make battery dry. So, if you do not need-really need, turn off your mobile phone bluetooth connection.

HP's motion animation for the background? No way!

If you want to use background images on the HP, you should select the images with the JPEG format rather than an image or animation in GIF format (motion picture). Because the motion picture into the background at HP means your phone to work twice as hard and definitely will drain faster bateraimu. Or if you can, use a single background color (black or other color) on the HP.

Charge the battery with an appropriate duration.

Often times the battery leaked and caused the drop charging duration is too long and not precise. When recharging the battery, you should make sure the HP condition was switched off (off). HP conditions in the dead make HP battery absorbs energy from the power source and recharging faster perfectly. Wherever possible, charge the HP if the battery is already need to be recharged. Charge your mobile phone for about 2 hours (was switched off) then your HP is ready for reuse.


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