How to make money with a blog

Many people choose to blog with a simple goal of making money

Let us talk about how to make money with a blog and look at the top ways people are earning money every day.
  • You could start a free Blogger blog, of course, but in most cases, it would be in your best interest to take another road. So let us just take a look at what is working, when you want to earn an income from your blog.
  • Next thing you need to figure out if you want to know how to make money with a blog is the niche. Some niches are easier to blog about than others. Niches (subjects) where people are looking for information are best. Having said this, you can turn virtually any niche into an information niche.
    Find out what niche you want to attack. Then get yourself a domain and a web host. You'll also need to download and install the PHP script that is necessary for the blog. WordPress is perfect for this purpose, and you can get nice-looking, free themes for it.
  • Amazon offer an affiliate program that you could use to recommend books, DVDs and other relevant products. You'd be surprised what Amazon sell - I've even seen snow ploughs for sale on it! The percentage paid by Amazon isn't huge but the products are well known and safe to recommend. You can get paid cash or in Amazon vouchers.
  • A very popular way to make money with a blog is to sell affiliate products. You sign up with an affiliate provider such as, Commission Junction or ClickBank and choose which products you wish to promote on your site.The key to affiliate sales is to firstly build a list of subscribers who are prepared to trust you and place their faith in you that you will not try to sell them rubbish. This trust building takes time and integrity which is in fairly short supply in internet marketing.
  • Flipping or selling your blog. Essentially you set up a blog or multiple blogs and then drive as much traffic as possible to it through SEO and paid traffic. You can then advertise and sell your blog which will have some traffic statistics to boast of and it may be the perfect target market for your potential buyer.
  • AdSense is one of the simplest and easiest ways to generate income on a new blog. The drawbacks? There is not great money in it and it depends on the market that your blog caters for as to the value of the clicks that you get paid for.The advantage is that it is easy to set up; you just paste a piece of code in the page of your site that you are happy to advertise on and Google will do the rest by generating contextual based advertising based on the content of your site and each individual page.
If you want to learn how to make money with a blog, you must get this concept right, because a blog is only a tool. With further research you find out that advertisers are paying Google, MSN and Yahoo upwards of $7 per click when someone clicks on one of their sponsored ads. This is commonly referred to AdSense income.

How Hits4Pay Works  

Before you spend time with us we would like to show you how you can benefit and profit from being a Hits4Pay member. Please take a few minutes to read this.

Hits4Pay is an Incentevized advertising network serving our advertisers and publishers (you) for participating in the program. Incentivized means we offer some kind of incentive for our Publishers to connect with our advertisers. Incentives can be in the form of 'cash', or 'gifts'.
We have two types of Incentives at the moment.

Paid ads:

These types of ads are sendtto your 'Internal Mailbox' which is located inside your Hits4Pay members area. Every website that you view by clicking on the ad link (or button) is a 'Paid Ad'. While viewing and reading the advertiser website, you must wait up to 60 seconds on the page to be 'credited'. Each credit that you earn is worth up to 2¢. Each credit that your team earns is worth 1¢ per credit - up to 2 levels.

Contest Ads: (coming soon!)

Hits4pay runs a monthly contest where we give away cool prizes like iPods, laptops, vacation packages, iPads...etc to one contest winner per month. This type of ad will display in the 'Contest Ad' section inside your members area. These ads are targeted to the 'Interest groups' that you selected - so the offers that you receive will be related to your Interests. To be in the contest pool, you must fill out a minimum of ONE ADVERTISER OFFER per month. All contestants are put in a pool as soon as they subscribe to an advertisers offer. The winner is randomly picked by our software - and sent the winning prize for that month. The more offers that you subscribe to, the better your chances to be picked.

Ways to earn with Hits4Pay.
  1. Read and confirm paid ads in your account.
  2. Refer others to the program and earn from their efforts.
  3. Help others to build their team and earn from their efforts.
How to qualify to receive commissions.
  1. If you live in the USA, submit the W9 Tax form (secure form) with accurate details. For members living outside the USA submit W8-BEN Tax form (secure form). Information in the tax form MUST match with the account information in your Hits4Pay account.
  2. You must submit your Paypal account email address so that we can send your commissions. You can add your Paypal account from your 'Account Profile' area.
  3. Commissions are paid when your account balance reaches a minimum of $25.
  4. You must keep your account active with a good email address in order to qualify for payments.
How To Stay In Good Standing With Your Account
  1. No multiple  accounts. Only one account per household.
  2. No Spamming Of Any Kind - Please do not use unsolicited email marketing to promote hits4pay. We take SPAM complaints very seriously.
  3. No False Advertising - Misrepresenting a company and it's program is illegal. Hits4Pay is NOT:- an employment opportunity or a get-rich-quick scheme to make money. What Hits4Pay is? A way to earn some extra cash by viewing email ads from our advertisers.
  4. Do Not Charge A Fee For Hits4Pay Membership - Hits4pay is completely free for anyone to signup. Members are not allowed to charge a fee to introduce hits4pay.
In general, don't be dishonest. Be honest. Assume that we monitor every activity that happens with your Hits4Pay account.

The Fastest, Easiest, & The Safest Way To Build Your Hits4Pay Affiliates 

This program is simple and the easiest way to double or triple your Hits4Pay commissions without any hassle or work from your part. Generally, to increase your earnings with us you will have to promote your affiliate link and get people to signup -- so that you can make a piece of what your affiliates make. 
While reviewing thousands upon thousands of support requests, we realize that 8 out 10 of our members are indeed having difficulty promoting their Affiliate links. Of course, promoting a website and driving traffic is not a easy task and will cost money to advertise. Free advertising produces little or no results. 

We Have The Solution To Your Problem.

Thanks to our loyal members, Hits4Pay is growing at a rate of 1200+ new members everyday. Our main company website gets tens of thousands of direct visitors per day. We spend quite a bit of money and a lot of time to generate this kind of traffic to our website. 
And so, we have decided to open up an "Affiliate Builder Program" to help our members get a lions share of the traffic we already generate on a daily basis. And the best part? It will only cost 20 cents per day ($5.99/month) to join this traffic sharing program.

How Does All This Work?

As I mentioned earlier, our main domain and several other domains that we setup to funnel traffic to gets tens of thousands of visits per day. We attract traffic using several methods. 
1. Search Engines  2. Email Marketing  3. Banner placements  4. Forums  5. Paid traffic  6. Sponsorship Ads  7. SEO White hat methods  8. Press releases  9. Article promotion  10. CPA Networks 11. Classified ads  12. Offline newspaper ads  13. Cross promotion 14. Joint Ventures.... etc...

Now you can benefit from these promotions we do. How can it benefit you?

We can place your affiliate link "on rotation" every time someone visits our main company website and other domains setup to funnel traffic to our main site. This way all members who joined our "Affiliate Builder Program" will get traffic and signups every day, effortlessly - without even lifting a finger. 

What Do I Have To Do?

All you have to do is subscribe to our "Affiliate Builder Program" and your Affiliate link will be placed on the rotation software. When the traffic starts flowing in, your link will be shown instead of our main company website link. It's as simple as that.

How do I Know If The Traffic Is Being Redirected To My Link?

Good question. You can check the number of views that your link gets from our stats area. We have made it as transparent as possible in order for you to make a clear judgment - whether this program is worth it for your bottom line.

How Much Is One New Affiliate Sign Up Worth To You?

Every affiliate who signs up under your link is an asset for you. You get paid every time your first level and second level affiliates read an email ad from us. When you are a member of our "Affiliate Builder Program" you are likely to build more people under you month after month after month. For just $5.99/month, you can now increase traffic, signups and earnings from your Hits4Pay business. 
What an opportunity!  Subscribe Today.


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