How to quickly indexed in google

Here's the steps :

1. First Steps

The first thing you should do is to fill the content of websites that you just created, do not need themes / templete a beautiful time, your first concern the content of your website with the words you do not try to copy and paste the appropriate text fields try to make you master not long-term needs that are important readable and connect between the discussions that are being created. Posting two or four articles in two days do not post more than four a day later your uncle is considered spam by google.

2. step Two

Well for this second step you have to Sitemap in Google Webmaster mengsubmit how to click the following link in google webmaster if you want to index yahoo please submit your website at the following link yahoo submit

3. step Three

Register your blog at the following url address:

    1. (google)
    2. (yahoo)
    3. (Bing)

4. Four Steps to

Copy the code the following meta tags:

<meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />

then paste the section
5. step Five
Actually, up steps to the four alone could indexed google but not sure if we also continue with the other tips, in this fifth step your task mengsubmit articles that have been made ​​in socialbookmark DoFollow select a high page rank please see the link here,


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