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What is a pageview? Pageview is the average number of our blog pages are accessed by a visitor in one fell visitors. Pageview is very important, because you can gauge how useful whether or how interes your article to your blog readers, if you pageview high despite visitors who still lack it means the articles that you write enough to give the benefits and draw attention to this. By personal experience I can add to your passion in writing. Try to imagine when your blog has high traffic plus your articles interesting and useful has been ascertained pageview will also be very high you may be able to match this blog might even get through my blog.

I will give you 5 simple tips that can improve your blog page view:

1. Updating Articles Every Day

Why should update articles every day? What to do with page view? Update articles every day will certainly add a lot of articles that you write on your blog. If one day there is a visitor who visited your blog, when the visitor is reading an article you and he have the benefit of your article is, surely he will find other helpful articles on your blog. Every article that he read will increase the number of your page view.

2. Make it interesting Article Title

Do not let your blog readers miss an important article just because the title is less attractive. With the title of the article most likely attract curious visitors to read the article.

3. Submit your article to Social Bookmarks

Surely you already know what it bookmark.Social social bookmarking can bring a lot of traffic.

4. Important Articles on Sidebar Plug

Take advantage of your sidebar to provide convenience oada visitors to navigate your blog. That is put the articles that you think is useful or interesting in your sidebar. Suppose the most popular article from your blog or article that is important to read your visitors.

5. Replace the Related Articles below Every your posts

Point in almost the same as installing an important article in the sidebar, but usually related article is a category with articles being read by the visitor. When finished reading the article and then visitors to see related artikle just below the post is not impossible that these visitors will continue to be interested to read the other article.

Now you look at the composition of the 5 tips I've written above. First you have to update every day of articles in order to increase the number of articles on your blog more and more with the title of each article attracted the attention of visitors, after that you submit your articles to social bookmarking sites to get visitors. When visitors are interested in visiting and reading one article you found useful or interesting then these visitors will find useful or interesting article the other with a look at the sidebar or in related postings that you put right below your post.


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