Israel Antiquities Authority seized 2,000-year-old box

Israel Antiquities Authority seized 2,000-year-old box with a message carved on its surface. The incident occurred three years ago. But the old box was valuable because it allegedly linked to the story of Jesus' death.
"Beyond all doubt, the message is engraved on the old box is authentic," said Yuven Goren, an archaeologist from Tel Aviv University who led the effort to authenticate the old box made from limestone and decorated with rosette flower carving it.
Carving a message on the old box the name of one priest responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus, ie, Caiaphas. Writing the message according to the publication of FoxNews, Wednesday (08/31/2011), "Yeshua son of daughter Miriam Caiaphus (Caiaphas), high priest of Beit Imri Maaizah."
Goren explained, Maaizah a clan called the last of the 24 orders of the high priest of the church the second period. While Beit Imri according to Goren is the place where the clan lived before spreading to the Galilee in 70 AD according to history in the Talmud.
According to Goren, the old box is likely to come from the Valley of Elah complexes cemetery, southwest of Jerusalem. The location is known to be a place where the legendary battle of David and Goliath took place. Beit Imri Gubung slope may be in Hebron.
The discovery of an old box with engraved message is not the first time. In 2002, similar objects had been found but was eventually revealed that only a hoax. Goren himself stresses that the old box is authenticated by him correctly, he was able to explain it scientifically.
"When the stone was buried for thousands of years, he was influenced by the environment and affect the environment," said Goren. The process of erosion, acidification, growth of bacteria, algae and lumutr crust, a process that can not be replicated in the lab. The discovery of old boxes were published in Israel Exploration Journal.


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