IVG: Developer: Medal of Honor

IVG: Developer: Medal of Hono

Being a franchise reboot, how drastically different from the past games will this Medal of Honor game be?

For this game, we’ve gone back to our roots and the core tenets that the franchise was founded on. We’ve focused on the soldier and telling their story with authenticity and respect.

With so much emphasis on multiplayer these days, single player campaigns in games – shooters in particular – tend to get ignored and we end up with 5-6 hour campaigns. With DICE handling the multiplayer aspect of MOH, can we expect a beefier single player experience than we’ve grown used to?

Absolutely. This is one of the reasons we made the decision to utilise the core strengths of two separate studios. It is a crowded genre and our competitors are very good at what they do. So for this reboot, we wanted to do everything we could to give the Medal of Honor fans a great experience on both sides of the coin.

What were the challenges and advantages of using Afghanistan as a setting for the game in terms of level design and mission structure?

The setting allowed us a great deal of diversity. Afghanistan has a visual cascade of differing environments. From lush green river valleys and dry, arid desert terrains to squalid inner city slums and snowy mountain peaks.


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