Jars of ancient Rome

Katie Urban--Museum Of  Ontario Archeology
Jars of ancient Roman mystery unsolved. Although it has been restored, scientists have not been able to identify the artifact.

"Scientists were puzzled by the mysterious jars. We've been sent to several experts pottery urns of Roman pottery and other experts, but no one else who can provide information," said Katie Urban, a researcher in London.

Jar that has a high 40 centimeters are thought to originate from 1,800 years ago. Before compiled into shape, composed of the urn is unknown pieces 180 pieces are stored in the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. Once reconstituted, the urn remains mysterious because its full of holes.

Opinions of experts can generally be divided into two major groups. The first group is suspected jar lamp. While other groups estimate that with a storage jar of animals, like rats and snakes. However, again it's all still conjecture merely because until now there is no other similar artifact found the urn.

In addition, the mystery still surrounding the origin of the certainty of these ancient artifacts. A research document said the urn is one of Britain's Roman artifacts donated to the museum in 1950 by an archaeologist named William Francis Grimes. However, others argue Urban. "What could be a collection jar that we have not yet 100 percent clear. We are still working to find the explanation," said Urban.


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